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Welcome to BOS Engineering PTY LTD. We are a family owned and operated company with experience in welding since 1989. Our services meets all requirements set by Australian standards and we specialise in welding maintenance and repairs, structural steel, aluminium and stainless steel fabrication in both commercial and residential capacities.


Commercial Fabrication

We have fully equipped workshop and tradesmen ready to take on your commercial projects, no matter how big or small.

Residential Fabrication

A delicate environment that requires delicate touch and attention to details. We are here to help you make your project a success.


Skillful Craftsmanship

We are not just about welding services. We are a group of skillful craftsmen that enjoy creating masterpieces.

Welding Specialist

We are focused, committed and resourceful. Our skills are exceptional in this field, we are always looking to improve and update to achieve higher standards.

Friendly Service

We believe the best can be achieved in partnership and fellowship. That is why we treat you as a friend working closely with you with common interest.

Quality Workmanship

We deliver result with outstanding quality that will exceeds your expectations. We pursue perfection in what we do on daily basis.


We have the knowledge, experience and understanding of Australian standards to take on any welding project on commercial scale.


Residential projects requires special attention to details with delicate touch. Being a unique working landscape that is feels right at home with us.

Maintenance Services

We believe success is based on continued support and service our client receive. We make sure you are well looked after with all your welding maintenance and repair requirements.

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    Every one at BOS Engineering is a creative, outside of the box thinker with fresh approach to every project. We take a practical and smart approach to problem solving.
    We believe a sound strategy is a very important factor in achieving success. We access and evaluate all possibilities before commencing your project.
    At BOS Engineering we ensure that quality craftsmanship is upheld and maintained in every project without compromise. A rigorous quality check procedure is followed.
    Managing your project is about working in close partnership with you to make sure everything goes smoothly and as planned. We are with you in every step of the project.

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    Call us today at 0414 44 55 06 or email contact@bosengineering.com.au

    We can help you achieve best results in your project, and ensure your requirements are met with quality workmanship and ongoing consultation on every stage of project.