Our aim to provide a professional reliable and efficient service.
We offer a range of services from simple small jobs through to a complete start to finish jobs that can include site measure, shop drawings, fabrication and installation. Our experienced and highly skilled welders and boiler makers are trained to manage whole range of metal work.

Structural Steel

Our boiler makers use the latest technologies and equipment combined with exceptional skills to deliver the best in TIG Welding, MIG Welding and ARC Welding. Structural steel beams, posts, awnings made to your requirements.


Stainless Steel

We know how to make your projects stand out. We are expert in stainless steel fabrication, handrails, drains and benches. Talk to us about your next project featuring the versatile stainless steel.


Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium is a versatile metal, requires a versatile set of skills. We are experts in all aluminium fabrication work creating balustrades, louvers and gates.

Workshop Fabrication

Fully equipped workshop is at your service, we can fabricate , cut, punch, weld and bend to your requirements in our workshop at Unit 1, 15-17 Gartmore Ave, Bankstown.


Special Projects

We have skills and motivation to take any special project you may have. We always like to test our limits and welcome the challenge, so bring it on.


DIY Projects

We know you love to do it yourself sometimes. We can help you take it further with cutting metals to size, punching holes, shearing and notching for your DIY projects